We will likely use gather.town and do a mixed format of talks, interviews (i.e. a VC interviews a portfolio company founder), fireside chats (moderated by B@C people), and (maybe) twitter spaces

Let's repurpose and update the Ledgerfest Website

Just added some ideas and people that I think would be cool to speak below. Please add people!! Alex Pruden from Aleo and Jeff Amico from a16z said they can help connect us to most people in the space so fire away!


  1. Student Governance panel with student org Presidents + Jeff Amico from a16z (interested)
  2. DeFi Governance panel with Getty Hill, Monet Supply, StateLayer, and (others)


  1. Thomas Klocanas interviews Mounir Benchemled, Founder of Paraswap (confirmed at 10am ET on 22)
  2. Mable Jiang interviews Roneil Rumburg, Founder of Audius (confirmed at 7pm ET on 22)
  3. Adam Goldberg interviews Zaki Manian, Founder of Sommelier.finance (confirmed)
  4. Adam Goldberg interviews Rachel Lin, Founder of SynFutures (confirmed)



  1. Chris Dixon—GP of a16z Crypto
  2. Amy Wu—Partner at Lightspeed (confirmed at 3pm ET on 23)
  3. Jesse Walden—Founder of Variant Fund