August 28, 2020 (this is a really shitty blog I wrote, sorry)

What is it though?

DomeCode is a platform built to unify the coding experience of a developer. The use of the word developer is a little vague in this context so I’ll take the liberty to shed some light on the context.

Imagine you’re a developer who’s preparing for an upcoming coding competition, you’re not a whiz like some of the big names like tourist but you’re not a pure beginner either.

You’re revising some programming concepts, typing your way practicing those concepts in the form of coding problems. You take a sip of your drink ( imagine any drink you like ), as you glance towards your notes and other resources you’ve compiled. You start to feel a little bland so you start listening to some lo-fi music which puts you in a little relaxed and upbeat mood right as it should. After almost an hour of this deep work session, you realize that you have finally accomplished something for the day and you proceed to append your todo-list and get that dopamine boost.

This whole process required you to:

But you’re a lucky chap, you stumble upon this blog, realize there’s this platform called DomeCode ( ) that does all of this in a single web-based platform ( going native on Windows and macOS in the future as well ) without requiring you to leave it.

On DomeCode, you can practice in six languages ( including Rust, C, C++, Go, Java and Python ), learn, take notes, discuss stuff on the forum, get to know them ( upcoming messaging feature ), join our developer community on Discord ( join using this ) and more.

A little more on the “more” part :

I have recently added two features. One of them is called “Creator”, it’s used for listing your products. It’s essentially a listing of the product that combines all the relevant information and all the other listings of the products and make it shareable with the public.

Demo Listing

The other feature is called Fusion.