I have been fascinated by the power good storytelling has. Being part of the startup ecosystem, a lot of what drives people is stories. Without powerful stories, most entrepreneurs wouldn't be able to achieve their visions because people wouldn't join them along the way to achieve the vision.

So I want to spend some time over the next few weeks learning more about the art of storytelling. It seems like one of those softskills that can really help with collaboration.

I'm going to skim through a bunch of content across the interweb and summarise it here. The first one that piqued my interest was the one by Shane Snow on LinkedIn Learning.

One of the most important things that connects an audience to a story is relatability.

An interesting example Shane mentions is about why people connected so much with star wars.

Well according to Snow - George Lucas loved fast cars. He took that love and combined it with his love for comic books, kung fu movies and old buck rogers sci fi.

Coincidentally the culture at the time also loved these things.

This is the same reason why most content online goes viral in specific.

He also brings up a theory in psychology called - the mere-exposure effect. Developing a preference for something merely because you're familiar with it.

This also connects to how people position products to specific niches because a lot of what drives people is how they relate to the problem you're solving.

So when sharing anything, try to relate to the person you're speaking to. Otherwise you'll lose their interest very quickly.