At Berlin Boss Babes, we are more than just a community of ambitious women.

Our goal is to be a catalyst for radical change in how women perceive themselves in their careers and how they show up in their workplace day-to-day.

We want to work with companies that:

What can Berlin Boss Babes do for you?

Not every team is the same, therefore, not every solution will be the same.

Berlin Boss Babes's founder Tamara Rose Morales comes with over a decade of experience in developing and nurturing talents and high-potentials across multiple industries. She has worked with large corporate players just as much as with progressive start- and scale-ups.

She mostly creates tailor-made services, workshops, and projects that are designed individually based on your company’s short-term and long-term needs.

Tamara is all about helping you make the women in your company feel seen and supported, and increasing their confidence, self-esteem, and agency to advance your business.

If you choose to invest in your female team members and leaders it will positively impact all employees' well-being and thus result in talent retention and long-term talent development that will allow you to build your company's future with lower attrition rates and higher employee engagement.

Why should you invest in female-focused training and development?

As an employer, you might feel like you should treat all your employees equally. So singling out your female staff for separate development initiatives might feel counter-intuitive to you at first.

The truth is: Your gender impacts your role and place in society and the workplace and it influences how other people perceive and treat you. Even those of the same gender. At the same time, we cannot dispute that different genders go through different conditioning and life experiences that shape who they become and how they act.

Numerous studies show that women have lower levels of self-confidence and self-esteem compared to their male peers. Perfectionism and imposter syndrome are also much more widespread among women compared to men. These facts impact your female team members' performance and thus your company's success every day.

On top of that, our experience with hundreds of participants in Berlin Boss Babes workshops over the last two years has proven that women are much more likely to authentically show up in a safe space that is exclusively female.