Tension. The thing that generally hooks audience. Without tension, people aren't really interested in the story.

Tension makes a good story a great story. The greatest stories have the pull of emotion, mystery, the conflict, the heartwarming tension is what keeps us invested.

For example : If i made a movie around a story where Jack and Jill, spent 10 years together, get married and live happily every after, most people wouldn't watch it. I'm guessing that's why we haven't watched any movie like this.

I guess its the same reason why news is filled with stories that have a lot of tension/conflict.

Aristotle had this framework for creating tensions in stories. It was about what is the characters current state and what the character wants to be in a future state. The gap between these states is the tension.

The delta between the two states is sort of the intensity of tension. You push it too much and you go into something like a horror movie, which may have lesser takers. It's gotta be balanced.

The reason why shows like Game Of Thrones are so good at hooking people is the tension it creates. A character is literally fighting life or death in almost each episode.

This kind of tension is what makes people very involved and passionate about the characters.

Using the same idea, I think the way to hook users to the value prop is actually understand the tension they are going through in their own life.

It's sometimes called the hero's story. It's about taking a problem that is basically constraining the user from achieving a future state, but the solution you build helps them get to that state.