2020/12/16 - My list of is increasing faster than I can read. Recently I realize (2020/12/10 - System for more productive work) that I shouldn't spend as much time reading business books (don't mean that it's useless or I don't have interest) and spend more time reading kind of general science books that interest me (like Sapiens) and also some other topics like China (as it seems to be becoming the United State of 21st century).

For years I have sit on my computer from around 8am to 8pm and I have been coding or doing some other related stuff like preparing a launch. I thought that maybe I could break it a little bit and take something like 4 hours a day to reading.

It's important to do stuff and not just read because often you remember better by doing. I'm just not sure if my doing is too high compared to reading and if I could grow better by spending more time reading.

Sometimes I even do stuff where I don't necessary learn and that i see as very expensive. I'm 20 now and I look learning the same way e.g. Buffett looked money. The more he has it when he is young, the more it accumulate as he grows older. The minute right now is worth much more than it's when I'm 80 because I have less time to use the knowledge I can get.

I wanted to take one month (30 days starting from X) to take some time away from doing and more into reading. I have some responsibilities I need to do so those come first and then I also need to code a little bit but I try to put more time into reading.

Based on Kindle, it takes me around 13 hours to read ~300 page book which is pretty good average book (maybe could be longer as some are a thousand page). That means that if I can spend 4 hours reading, I could read 10 books in 30 days. Right now I already read around 1 hour so I need to get only 3 hours on average. That's good amount as then I can get responsibilities done and have time for doing.