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This is the Hacker Handbook for the Frayme Learning Institute. The handbook will include all of the information that you need to get through the hackathon. This home page will be a hub to all of the other pages in the handbook.

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Contact πŸ“¨

At any time during the hackathon or while using hackathon communication methods, if you experience any form of harassment please reach out to either @Forest or @Josianne on Discord. You can also send an email to Make sure you're familiar with the Community Guidelines of the hackathon.

How to use the handbook❓

The handbook is a living document. If there are questions that come up after the handbook is sent out, the handbook can be updated to answer them for everyone!

Below, there is a table that includes information topics. To read the information about any one of them, hover over it, and click the "open" button. You can always click out of any page you've opened, but if it goes to a full-screen page, you can navigate back to the main page in the top left.

If you want to navigate back to the main page, click this button in the top left.

If you want to navigate back to the main page, click this button in the top left.

Before the hackathon starts, you might see the following in a few locations:

πŸ›‘This section will be hidden until the hackathon starts πŸ›‘

This is a placeholder to hide some items that will only matter once the hackathon starts. This means that during the hackathon, this Hacker Handbook will still be your one-stop-shop for all the information you need! πŸ˜ƒ

Getting Started πŸ”’

  1. Get onto the Discord server (check out the Technology page to learn more!
  2. Read the "How to Pack Guide". This will give you a good overview of the whole hackathon.
  3. Reach out with any more questions! Message @Forest or @Josi on Discord or send an email to

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