The part of learning to code in a new language is very satisfying because sometimes you will express things to your computer which was not possible in the language before. Sometimes you’ll learn new ways of expression. Like in Arabic there is no word for freedom. So, you don’t know what that means because you cannot fathom it. You might have felt it but you can’t express it. [to be verified from Melissa Chen from JRE]. There’s also a similar project to this, called the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows which attempts to create a word to describe a feeling that you’ve experienced but don’t have a word for it.

There’s a German word, schadenfreude that was an eye opener for me. [insert schadenfreude definition]

I also feel very stupid and having to make a switch in this life. I have always used things, very rarely made them. I just have an innate desire of affiliating to things that awestruck me. And most of my life I have been a user of things, more so because I can critique them. And never really cared to write about that criticism or create on that criticism. I just moved on from one project to another caring less and learning more.

  1. Install Go package from for your OS. This will help your computer know that you are writing in Go. It’s sort of a translator in between your machine. Suppose you learn French and want your computer to understand French. So, you bring in a French translator. This is the French translator between you & your computer.