At GitGuardian we develop solutions that are innovative, technical and disruptive to the market. This is possible thanks to the most valuable asset we have: our talent.

We are therefore very committed to our teams’ development, fostering many ways to learn as well as to give clarity & accompany career progression with career ladders.

Here are some of the many ways we support Guardians with learning & development projects:

🤓 Learning on the job

🎒 Learning from everyone

🧑🏽‍🎓 Training

🥷🏼 Coaching

🦸🏽 Developing Managers

ℹ️ Learning Resources

🎤 Speaking Opportunities

Career path

Career development is important and is part of discussions with managers during 1:1s & half-year reviews.

Career progression at GitGuardian isn't about jumping between roles or quickly climbing up a ladder of seniority. It's about developing your skills, and yourself, so you can improve in your work.

As we grow, we are developing career paths which are the description of the different roles in a department that help you identify how you are progressing towards your goals and objectives in relation to the organization's strategic objectives. It includes a list of jobs, their levels, and it specifies the skills required for each job/level, allowing you to identify how to progress in your development & your possible paths from one job to another (vertical or lateral growth).

This helps bring clarity to your journey and to limit bias.

The Engineering career path is now implemented for all engineering tribes, with two defined possible tracks: the individual contributor and the manager tracks. The marketing career path is also rolled out and we are currently developing other departments’ career paths.