<aside> 💡 June 12th, 2020 Sigil Wen


Update: I made it into a YouTube Video 😋


Note: I am not naturally gifted or super smart.

I don't want you to attribute innate, uncontrollable factors as the reason for any of my accomplishments. You can do everything I do. But thinking the reason I could do this is that I am "born with it" is an excuse for you to not push yourself and grow. It all comes down to dedicated effort and the right approach. I hope I make this clear throughout this post.

Fun fact: Input does not always equal to Output.

You can spend the same amount of time and effort as someone else but achieve drastically different results. Ever see that kid who never studies but aces all the tests 😏? They likely have found a better approach to learning that allows them to achieve greater results with less effort. This is a good example of the saying "Work smart, not hard".

But what if you worked both hard and smart? Well, you develop a superpower to achieve your greatest ambitions. This could be climbing V10 boulders, winning a marathon, or in my case, learning AP Calculus BC in 5 days. This is the effort and approach I took:

Setting Up a Distraction-Free Environment (Day 0)


To do anything well, especially cramming a years worth of calculus in 5 days, you need to focus.

I however am really bad at focusing. It is something I combated on a daily basis since I was young. But it doesn't mean I can't ever focus.

Knowing that I get distracted easily by social media, youtube, emails, or calls from my friends, I augmented my environment such that no distractions exist. I locked up my phone in a drawer, disabled youtube homepage + suggestions, blocked irrelevant websites, and finished all other tasks that would take away my focus.

Building a Top-Performing Environment (Day 0)

The most important thing about doing anything that requires a lot of time and dedication is to be realistic. Each day you need to eat, sleep, hydrate, take breaks, exercise, maintain good hygiene, post on Instagram, etc.