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Note: This is super valuable for anyone interested in building a startup, starting side-hustles, or joining clubs/non-profit organizations. This will cover a road to code legit websites as well as hosting + domains

Building websites aren't hard. In fact, I bet you can learn to set one up in an afternoon.


The hard part about learning how to build websites (or anything technical) is finding the right pathway/approach to learning.

Luckily I've been building websites as a side hustle for years now and endured the beginner pains for you, figuring out a great pathway for any beginner to get their website gears turning.

Get a grasp of HTML (How To Meet Ladies... jk... unless?😳)

The basic language of all websites is HTML. It's ridiculously simple to understand and that's the first step to building your own website.

You can think of HTML as a framework, skeleton, or blueprint of a website. It sets the structure of the website but by itself isn't pretty.


That's where CSS comes in.

Similar to HTML, it is really easy to understand but serves a different purpose. CSS stylizes the website, adding colors, borders, and all sorts of pretty aspects.

I like to think of websites as people where HTML is the skeleton- the structure of the website. Going with this analogy, CSS would be the skin, hair, and eye colour, body type, etc.

And if you (or your website) are trying to look spicy, you can add extra to your CSS or additional jewellery, tattoos, clothing, etc.


This > 2-hour lecture by Harvard CS50W (highly recommend watching) is the best resource I came across for understanding the basics of HTML and CSS. It's quick, intuitive, and fun to watch.

You should take a bit of notes and follow along with the lecture but keep in mind: this is for you to grasp HTML, not teach you how to immediately build websites (that's the next step)