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Data Journalism Academy

Created by Minneapolis Star-Tribune data journalist educator MaryJo Webster (who also teaches at Univ. of Minnesota) has created an extensive collection of video-based exercises, as well as some higher level things like getting into a “Data State of Mind”. She starts with Excel, but also gets into R, a more powerful statistical programming environment (see below)

R for Journalists

Created by Washington Post data journalist Andrew Ba Tran, this resource provides a thorough introduction to the R statistical programming system targeted at journalists.

First Python Notebook

Created by LA Times data journalist and editor Ben Welsh, this exercise introduces you to the core tools for using python for data analysis. There’s also a video (~2 hours) of a live session Ben conducted walking people through the exercise.

Sources for Data

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Reporting with numbers for journalists

Newsroom Data Literacy

A slide deck from an experienced data journalist which might be a good starting place for beginners.

Resources for Learning Sports Analytics Coding

Sports Data Analysis and Visualization

This book is the collection of class materials for the author’s Sports Data Analysis and Visualization class at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s College of Journalism and Mass Communications.

investigate.ai: Data Science for Journalism

Data Journalism Ethics

Giving data soul: best practices for ethical data journalism

Diversity Toolbox