<aside> 💡 The information here is meant to supplement what is presented on the CalArts Remote/Hybrid Support page, the Faculty Training courses and the official Kannu Help website for Learn. It should not be considered a complete compendium on how to use the LMS.


What is Learn?

Learn is the name of CalArts' learning management system (LMS), which is a platform run by Kannu. With Learn faculty can:

Learn is hosted at learn.calarts.edu.

<aside> 🔓 To log in to Learn, you need to use your CalArts Google email credentials.


Online Training for Learn

We encourage all faculty to register for Faculty Training for Teaching on Learn.

This is the most comprehensive resource for learning about Learn, as well as additional resources to help you prepare for the term.

Faculty Training for Teaching Online

This was a version of the training course offered during the 2020-21 academic year. If live sessions for this course are no longer available, we can enroll you in an archived version of the course so that you have access to all of the relevant tutorials, readings, and recordings of live sessions. Please indicate your preference for this when submitting the registration form.

Go to the Hub to register

Training Videos

Faculty who have been assigned teaching assistants can direct them to register for our TA Training for Teaching Online course.

Learn Support Topics

<aside> 💡 Contact Learn Help if you need more specific guidance on topics that cannot be currently found here or on related sites.


Learn Course Launch Checklist