Setting the stage for good conversation

Good conversation is a team effort. Our community guidelines have been created to ensure that we are all united in the way we choose to see, hear and recognize one another.

We welcome


Kindness is a choice – and we strive to be compassionate in everything we do. No matter what. When we join a conversation, we consider everybody in it and acknowledge that the way we behave will impact the experience for all involved.


Good connections are built on trust, so we bring our true selves to the conversation. We show up as ourselves, using our real photos and our real names. We always join conversations with our videos turned on.


Inclusivity rewards us with opportunities for learning and personal growth. We welcome people from different backgrounds and with different ways of thinking.

We do not welcome

Hateful behavior

We never bully, harass or behave unkindly. We don’t make threats or take any action that might make somebody feel unsafe. We don't share personal information or make vulgar, abusive or hateful comments. We don’t interrupt or intentionally disrupt small group conversations.


We never attack, threaten, incite violence or otherwise dehumanize a group or individual on the basis of their race, religion, culture, gender identity, age, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status.


We don’t impersonate other individuals or organizations. We use our real names, photos and information and we don’t use duplicate or shared accounts.

Criminal activity

We don’t break any laws, such as exploitation, unauthorized sharing of personal information, violation of intellectual property rights or the spreading of false information. Leap withholds the right to remove any content and report any criminal activity.


We acknowledge that Leap is a space free from advertisements. We don’t promote our own work, sell anything, request any payments, or raise donations. We don’t promote our social media accounts or link to other services.