Riff is a workspace to talk to your team. Feel like your team is back in the same room, so you can chat about work while focusing on the actual work.

Why Riff?

Why this role?

As the Lead Frontend Engineer you will own and breath life into Riff's user interface. You will obsess about contributing to and converting Figma designs into pixel-perfect product, and be equally at ease in pure Javascript as you are in React. You will also have a deep obsession with how humans interact with computers visually, physically and using voice, in order to create a magical experience for the user.

How do we know you're the perfect match?

We believe that the best products are built by teams of smart, motivated people from diverse backgrounds.

We've worked with people who've been gamers, artists, writers, musicians, astrophysicists, chemists, doctors, psychologists and mathematicians. Some who've come through traditional higher education and others who have traveled a different path.