The new way to say, "I love you."

Agapé is a relationship wellness app for couples designed to spark meaningful conversations. We send couples daily questions and share their responses once both users have responded.

We ask a variety of questions, from gratitude, "Describe a time your partner impressed you," to spicy, "Has your partner ever turned you on in public? If so, describe why." Not only is it effective, with 97% of couples reporting that Agapé positively impacts their relationship, but it’s habit-forming, with high daily engagement.

But a relationship wellness app is just the beginning. To fulfill our mission we will use emerging technologies in novel ways, create innovative experiences that solve huge pain points, and establish ourselves as a global authority. Through disruptive innovation, data-informed decision-making, and keeping love at the core of everything we do, we will create new ways to say, "I love you" that will make & keep billions happy.

Why Join Agapé

Who We're Looking For

A Lead Engineer, who both codes at a high level AND acts as a mentor, example, and guide for the rest of the team. You will be responsible for your team’s code quality measures, such as ensuring that adequate code reviews are being conducted and that the team’s technical standards (such as TDD) are being upheld. You will make sure the engineering team is able to move with the pace and rigor to consistently deliver value to our users and meet business objectives.

How To Apply