We’re back to share a new app we’re launching today on our platform! Starting right now you can play Le Word, our take on a certain popular word-guessing game. If you’re wondering what platform we’re even talking about - we’re talking about Aspen Spaces, the super app that upgrades everyday group chats with multiplayer apps and games! In our most recent post, we promised to build you an app every week and now you can try out our latest release in just one tap away from your chat. Today’s word is a doozy! Once you get it, you can share your results into a space where they’ll be automatically picked up by the Le Leaderboard app ****— it shows how you stack up against other people in your space. Head on over to aspen.cloud/download to give it a try.

It was quite the endeavor to get our first ever game on the platform, but we’re committed to the challenge of building a new app every week to bring more ways to communicate and connect. There are a few features that we were eager to include with Le Word’s debut but they’ll have to wait for a future update. You can expect automatic game sharing, historical game statistics, and the ability to play words from previous days.

We’ve got a long roadmap of features that extend the group chat experience — but we are adding new ideas to the list every day. Let us know what you’d like to see in future updates (Anyone interested in in-chat trivia 👀?)!