This page is the event handbook for the Innovation Studio.

This page will have important links and resources, such as deliverable details, calendar of events, links to other platforms like Slack, and more. Make sure to bookmark or save this link!

Announcements (Important)

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Please contact us at if you are having trouble with any of the links! You can find the Zoom link for all of our events in our Slack. Slack is also the best way to get ahold of us with any questions or comments.

Schedule, in PST (Digital Events)

All events below are highly encouraged, although we do ask that you attend all events related to team deliverables as well as our kickoff and closing ceremony.

Friday, May 14

4 pm - 5 pm: Kickoff Event! Get excited about the Innovation Studio and meet potential cofounders!

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm: Ideation Workshop with Unscrambl How do I make an effective idea with good research?

This event is critical for developing and choosing a competitive business idea.

Deliverable Due at 11:59 PM Ideation document with your team (See Deliverables link at the top of the page)