<aside> 💡 To launch a store (i.e. to get a Live status) you need go through several simple steps:

All the steps after selecting Picksell Platform service can be passed in any order on your convenience.


Registration and verification

Register an account using your name and email address on https://merchant.picksell.eu/signup

Choose Picksell Platform service. The service can be selected while registration or later in your Picksell account, Pricing Plan section.

To start and complete your company verification go to Settings —> Legal info table in the left-side menu of your account. Fill out all the fields.


To launch a store it's enough to pass a basic verification. After a sum of payments accepted by your store on Picksell will overdraw 10000 EUR you will be asked to pass through extra couple steps required to complete full verification.

Learn more about basic and full verification.

Add public information about your store

On the image you can see an example of public info displayed (logo, cover pic, name, description, additional links)


To fill this information please go to Settings —> Public info

<aside> 💡 In this section you are setting up your store details, this information will be displayed for all of your customers. This is mandatory information. You are not able to launch your store until this section is ready.



Step 1. Enter the name and description of your store


Name should contain at least 3 letters. Use the name of your brand or existing online or offline store. If this is your first sales channel the right name will help you to find more customers.

<aside> 💡 Name is limited from 3 to 100 characters.


Description of your store makes the first expression. Make sure it's clear for customers what products or services you sell and why they should choose you. Please try to give your customers only essential information. Everything else they could find on your website on social media.