MVP UI/UX Feedback and Iteration - Done ✅

MVP Development - In Progress

Alpha Testing - In Progress

Giveth.io Pilot Projects (Outreach)

Alpha Testing - Ongoing

Giveth devs post in Discord when new functionality is ready for testing

When we think we're feature complete for MVP, post an announcement in Giveth community channels requesting help testing and feedback.

Handoff from backend to frontend: when backend functionality is complete, post in #giveth-2-dev so Kay or another dev can pick up the front end.

Soft Beta Release - Date TBD (Second half of January?)

Delivery of fully functional - testable version to initial beta users

User testing to take place along with visual updates and bug fixes. Dani knows some potential beta users. Everyone should solicit feedback from confidants.

Feature requirements (more details):

  1. Home ✅
  2. Sign up/in/logout ✅
  3. Create Project ✅
  4. Browse Projects ✅
  5. Project View ✅