Note: This is a little bit out of date and Özgür is supposed to fix it.

I am a postdoc at the Lancaster University. My official title is Senior Research Associate and I work mostly with Amanda Turner here. I did my PhD at the University of Toronto where I worked with Ilia Binder. My research interests lie in the intersection of Mathematical Physics, Geometric Function Theory, Complex Analysis, and Probability. In particular, my major research interest is Schramm Loewner Evolution (SLE). Therefore, I enjoy studying physical phenomena such as percolation, the Ising model, loop erased random walk and the Potts model especially after attending University of Geneva between 2015 and 2016 for the Master Class in Planar Statistical Physics.

In my thesis, I studied rate of convergence to SLE curves for several models. Two preprints out of this project are available upon request.

Aside from my main research interests, I am also interested in various connections between probability and physics. In particular, I like learning about spin systems, random matrices, random planar map and Liouville quantum gravity etc.