I'm actively seeking feedback on this so please let me know what you found valuable, obvious, boring, wrong. You can find more playbooks here.

What is this and who is it for?

I wanted to organize my thoughts on how to approach different aspects of growth for startups and writing a guide for others seemed like the best way to do that. A lot of this is influenced by (read: liberally stolen!) other guides, tweets, conversations, etc.

This advice is written specifically for very early stage, B2B SaaS companies.

The goal of this document is not to get you a world class landing page but to get 80% of the way there with 20% of the effort.

For now this is just about your homepage but I'll expand it to include other pages as well.

How to think about your marketing site

Don't reinvent the wheel

Page structure, copy philosophy, and design are pretty sorted — just follow the template here. Your actual product should be the thing that sets you apart!

Seriously, steal ideas pretty liberally. We're going to look at these websites and use them for inspiration for your own homepage. They don't all follow the advice in this page but they have bigger teams with resources to find new things that work for them.

How long to work on it

B2B SaaS marketing sites convert (visit → signup) anywhere from like 1-5%. Iterate until yours is in the 3% range and then focus on onboarding.

What to build it with

I recommend Webflow for a few reasons:

There's a great community designers who have worked a lot in Webflow so if you have 0 design talent on your team, you should work w/ a designer to get a good marketing site.

Pre-work: making visitors the hero