Any and all Lander team members and contractors are welcome to our offices any time, you may use them to host groups, meetings, or just work on your own. Both offices are open 24 hours a day, and are subject to the usual social distancing guidelines the rest of the world obeys now. Please bring a mask and be respectful of your distance from others.e

Both offices are a 2 block walk from the supercharger in opposite directions.

We also have member access to the Chamber of Commerce conference rooms on the 12th floor of the Alamo building overlooking all of downtown & pikes peak, ask @Steve Moraco if you'd like to meet there for a specific project or reason.

Because of the layout of Lander as an intentionally free-time focused company, there are never mandatory times you need to be at work or in the office, just so long as you're making progress on your projects at a pace you're proud of.

Sometimes a group of us will agree to all go into the office for a week or two during big projects like Unplugged Performance Plaid Race Week Recap. This no-office-time policy is not an excuse not to honor your agreements during those times.

Sometimes it's nice to be around people who are working on stuff with you though, so we occasionally organize office or VR weeks weeks for fun as well.

Otherwise, we use these spaces every week or two to host meetings or just have somewhere to go to upload huge files or to get away from home or out of the usual bustle of coffee shops during the work day.

We also frequent Loyal Coffee & Kinship Landing for co-working coffee shop offices, if those are of interest to you.

All that said, here are our main offices:

The Tejon Office

(AKA JP Tejon)

JP Tejon Building, Suite 200 is called the Grand 365 Club. It's a coworking space run by the owners of the Antlers & Mining exchange hotels.

Just tell anyone who asks you're with Lander / Steve and you'll be good to go. The main open area is a workspace, and so long as Cindy (corner office) isn't hosting any depositions, you can use the conference rooms at will too so long as no one has booked them.

The wifi is ION, and we have stadium wifi routers installed so it's insanely fast - the fastest wifi possible in fact.

Password is on a paper on the wall of the main room. It's the 365GrandClub & Pass: 365Grand

The address is:

31 N Tejon St. Colorado Springs CO 80904

It's downtown right on Kiowa and Tejon. Highly recommend the boba shop next to the famous on the first floor of the building. The Famous's salads make great takeout lunches, but it's hard to beat the berry bowls from Ola just across Tejon.

31 N Tejon St,+Colorado+Springs,+CO+80903

The Cascade Office (AKA The Next Us),+Colorado+Springs,+CO+80903

The next us is the official co-working partner of TEDxColoradoSprings. We sometimes even store our sign there. We've filmed Lander courses here and more. Judy, the owner, prefers if we post on social media when we visit just to shout her out :) She does amazing work organizing a great holistic people centered workplace. Shivon is your other contact if Judy isn't around.

There are about a dozen different workspaces throughout the building, all with different vibes and levels of foliage. Feel free to mix it up and work from any open office with an open door.

The wifi here is also ION but slightly slower (only hundreds instead of thousands of MB up and download, lol) Upstairs is the best connection.

The wifi info is on these bricks throughout the building:

The address is:

525 N Cascade Avenue, Colorado Springs CO 80904

Both offices require a code to get in during COVID. If you need the passcodes for the offices to access them, those will be visible here once you're added to the private page:

Office Passcodes