The Lander Foundation is a donor-advised 501c3 foundation that builds and supports ethical 21st-century communities. We host events, and we advise and directly support communities.

That basically just means we take donations, inform, entertain, inspire, and host events. If you donate you can tell us what ways you'd like to be inspired and what events to host.

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This page is the Lander Foundation Open Organization. Here you can find all the internal coordinating data, documents, links, conversations, and more we use to host for all of our events & projects. You can also find a few of our upcoming events & projects in testing & development.

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Community Film Nights

Our Published #TEDxCOS Talks

If it's not a link you can click on yet, assume that means it's coming soon. If you'd like to volunteer to help us build one of these good things, just head to and sign up to volunteer!


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Volunteer by going to and signing up to volunteer. We organize everything we do at Lander here on notion, you can see it all on our Team HQ page.

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