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I'm a Lagos based UX Researcher & Experience Designer with an academic background in Psychology 🧠 . I have expertise in research 🔎, strategy, design thinking, customer experience, and training and facilitation.

I work with startups, agencies, and multinationals in Sub Saharan Africa and across the globe🌍 to better understand people and problems so they can create useful and usable products and services as well as delightful experiences ✨ .

I have worked with organisations like CcHUB, Interswitch Group, and Google and in various areas including voice🗣, browsers🌐, localisation🗺, healthcare🏥, financial services🏧, and education📚.

I am also passionate about building people and communities and I work as a Career Coach helping people figure out and achieve their goals through action based coaching.

I enjoy tweeting, reading fiction, writing nonfiction, watching Netflix, and podcasting.

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