Labels help to categorize issues for filtering and analytics.

Create, edit and delete labels

Manage labels under team settings. You'll be able to create, edit, or delete labels from team settings as well as see a list of all labels and how many issues are categorized under them. Labels can be customized with default colors or by specifying a hexcode.

Alternatively, create new labels when applying them to the specific issue. After taking the action to apply a label, type the name of the label you want to create and it'll give you the option to save it. You can also create new labels from the command line by searching for the action Create new label .

Apply and remove labels

From the issue editor, click add label in the sidebar or type L. From a board or list, select issues and then use the contextual menu, keyboard shortcut, or command line to apply the label. Remove labels with the keyboard shortcut Shift L.

Click label, type the name of the label you want to create, and it'll take you through the steps to create a new label. Select an issue, type L to add a label, then select the Create new label action.

To add or remove multiple labels at a time, open the command menu with the keyboard shortcut and then use *Space* instead of enter to select or unselect items.

Filter by label

Click on a label to see all issues with that label, also know as the label view. You can favorite this view for quick sidebar access. Use filters (keyboard shortcut F) to view issues with one label, multiple labels, or issues with no label. If you filter for more than one label, it'll show a list of all issues with at least one of the specified labels.

<aside> ✨ Protip: Filter with And operator We have plans to support more complex filter operators in the future. In the meantime, you can use Views to create a list of issues that have both label 1 and label 2. Create a View that shows only issues with label 1, save it, then apply a filter for label 2 on top of the saved view.


How to view labels across multiple teams

By default, labels are tied to specific teams. If you share the same label name across different teams (e.g. Bug) and want to view all issues with the same label across multiple teams, go to a multi-team view such as My Issues > Subscribed and filter by the label and relevant teams.

Keyboard Shortcuts

O then L to jump into a label page

L to add label

Shift L to remove label