In LXDAO we believe that anyone that contributes to the overall development of LXDAO should be stimulated by LXDAO


LXP is a non-transferable Token that records the value of the contributions made by LXDAO members to LXDAO, which will be converted into Tokens at a certain rate in the future

Your contribution → normalized to USD-based amount → change the unit to LXP

Example: A senior dev (50USD/hour rate) worked for 2 hours → 2 * 50 = 100USD → 100 LXP

Incentive method: POC

What is LXP? and POC?

LXP is LXPoint, LXP is the main way to incentivize LXDAO members at this stage

POC is the Proof-of-Contribution mechanism, in LXDAO you have to contribute in order to get paid accordingly, and this will be recorded on the blockchain, LXP is also the proof of cpmtribution for LXDAO

How do I get LXP?

Before applying for LXP, please follow these principles

In LXDAO, we have several ways to obtain LXP:

  1. Incentive for completing the appropriate actions within the autonomous incentive rules for R&D projects

The project team is formed after a hard proposal is initiated and approved by the project PM, where the PM will allocate LXP according to the content of the proposal, which should be allocated according to the project's autonomous incentive rules Eg: Project: MobyMask Improvement

  1. In the work plan of the working group, complete the corresponding work and receive incentives upon successful acceptance of the results

The working group is formed to meet the needs of LXDAO development and the manager of the working group will assign LXPs according to the content of the proposal Eg: Onboarding Committee Working Group Season 1

  1. Members of the LXDAO Core Team (Introduction to the Core Team)