📎 General Education Courses

LBS GE Courses

👯 Double Counters

⚠️ You are required to take general education and major courses in order to receive your degree. The Liberal Studies program has specific general education courses that will also meet lower division major courses. By choosing the courses below you will eliminate the amount of courses that you will need to take in order to meet both your GE and LBS requirements.

There are a few courses that meet both a general education requirement and a major requirement.

  1. Area C 1 or Lower Division Humanities = ART 100, THE 100, DAN 130 or MUS 101 (3 units)
  2. Area B 2 or Life Science= BIO 102 (3 units)
  3. Area B 3 or Science Life= BIO 103 (1 unit)
  4. Area D 2 or Social Science= ANT 102 or HIS 120 (3 units)
  5. Area D 3 or Social Science- LBS 205 (3 units)

📝 Equivalent Courses

📌 The following courses can be taken at a community college. You can refer to www.assist.org, in order to make sure that the course that you are enrolling in is transferrable.


If you are enrolled in 12 units each semester (Fall and Spring) you can take an additional 3 units at a community college during the Summer or Winter in order to complete 30 units per year. The courses that are listed above are the only Liberal Studies courses that can be taken at a community college. If you open the attachment below, you will see the courses that will transfer over to CSUDH from some of the local community colleges.