Please do not spend an excessive amount of time preparing for the interview, the below resources are just to give you an idea of what to expect (they are not a to-do list!)

🚚 Logistics:

🧠 Getting to know you

<aside> 💡 Despite being a technical interview we'd still love to get to know more about you!


🔩 System design portion

<aside> 💡 This will involve a single long form question which will help us to understand your system design skills, product skills and working style. Some useful resources for this can be found here, here and here


🧩 Coding portion

<aside> 💡 This will involve a series of questions to understand your familiarity with Python. It will also include a coding portion which will involve you editing a modified version of our actual Python backend service and a test web app. You should briefly familiarise yourself with the following libraries: fastapi, sqlmodel, pytest and factoryboy