Do you want to be part of the KorGE project? Awesome! There are several ways you can contribute, with several degrees of commitment.

🥉 LOW commitment:

If you want to improve one or some areas of KorGE or the Korlibs Stack in a specific moment. Feel free to open a PR in the korge-next repository here: or the documentation:

🥈 MEDIUM commitment:

If you want to help even more, but don't want to commit more than that, just feel free to join our discord and help other people with their questions:

🥇 HIGHER commitment:

If you want to be part of the core Team, or to do large stuff. Check our Roadmap panel:

The inactive Areas/Projects section covers all the things we want to do, but are not active. If you want to own an specific area you have experience on: Ping @soywiz on discord.

🌍 Safe place

We do not discriminate anyone for any reason including sex, gender, religion etc. You can expect respect from others, and of course you are expected to respect others. You are open to disagree and express yourself, as long as you are respectful.

🆕 Open to change

Everything from here is open to change and to discuss. Feel free to suggest changing it if you believe we can improve. Of course that includes this document.

🗣 English

All the public and internal communication happens in English. You can of course talk privately with people sharing your language.

🕜 Asynchronous

Due to the nature of the project and being Open Source and welcoming people from all the world, we aim to perform all the communication asynchronous. We can do some things synchronously of course if the conditions are met, but that's not mandatory.

You can check this for more information:

Since this is a OSS project, most people won't be able to invest as much time as with a normal job, so we won't have meetings, or strict deadlines.

⌨ PRs

For coding roles, areas and projects, we will work on the korge-next repository We will create PRs and other team members will review those PRs. If you are a core member, you are the responsible and the owner of your specific area or project and your expertise there will be super valuable and helpful and as long as you are technically aligned with the rest you have the ultimate decision on your area. Remember: a great power comes with a greater responsibility!

⭐ Expectations for Everyone