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Kokonut Network is building the infrastructure to connect web3 with Agriculture 🌴 🥥

Eco-Friendly Regenerative Economics Vested By Mother Nature, 100% Open-Source Accounting & Immutable Blockchain Governance By Kokonut DAO


Kokonut Network brings blockchain governance & open-source accounting to the agriculture industry. Kokonut Network's core mission is to promote, organize, fund, and manage coconut farms. We gather funds from the community using the Kokonut DAO framework for decision-making and funds allocation.

When you mix Agriculture, Blockchain, Web3, Perfect Soil & Weather, this formula allows us to create an opportunity that does not have an expiration date. This formula permits Kokonut Network to establish a lifetime partnership with the Kokonut DAO members. We achieve this by replanting the coconut trees once they stop bearing fruits.

One-time contribution equals a lifetime of rewards and benefits.

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