Hey, there partner! The following is a list of our guidelines we require all of our partners to follow during the duration of our partnership. Violation of these terms may result in the termination of the partnership.

You may not use any products or services offered by a competitor.

Your community/server must abide by the Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines at all times.

We ask that you follow our announcement channels or announce special events we specify, and we will do the same.

Your community must remain fairly active.

Your Discord must meet the current required minimum number of members, unless an exception has been made for your group. Requirement is currently: 200

During the partnership you're required to use our products. However, we can make exceptions based on individual partner needs.

We reserve the right to terminate partnerships at any time at our sole discretion. Violation of these guidelines will result in a review of the partnership which could result in termination.

If you have any questions about these guidelines please contact your Outreach representative or the Team Lead.