Project: Knowledge Sessions

Champion: zberwaldt

Date: December 10th, 2021



The Knowledge Sessions is an opportunity for members of the DAO to share their expertise across a wide variety of topics. In addition to educating each other about the topics we all want to learn the most, these sessions can help lay a foundation for future innovation and collaboration. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the Knowledge Sessions will bring members closer together as we explore this exciting new frontier called cryptocurrency. It is unique in that it allows for increased interactivity.

As part of season 3, This project is primed to scale up and to expand the types of talks hosted. These will include Q+A from outside projects, Stories from DAO members about DAO and/or Crypto Life, Techniques for Defi-ing safely.

Projection of Work:

1 weekly curated 30-minute talk on a topic of interest.

Coordinating with other guilds or DAOs to come together and share their vision and mission, and how Bankless can help.

REQUEST: 176k BANK / Season