Template link: link here

We are back online! We have fixed the issues we had over the last couple months. You can continue exporting your highlights! Cheers!

One-time setup

  1. Install the extension. Go to link, and click "Add to Chrome" to install the extension

Web capture_1-9-2021_225822_chrome.google.com.jpeg

  1. Login to notion & Duplicate template (link here)


<aside> 💡 After duplicating, do not make it a subpage of any other page. It should show as a standalone page in your workspace. Since this could cause the extension to fail.


Update/Upload clippings

<aside> 💡 Make sure you have completed the one-time setup


  1. Connect Kindle Via USB

  2. Open the duplicated notion page in your own workspace! (do not edit the columns)


  3. Open the extension

  4. Click Upload New Clippings Files button


  5. Select clippings file in Kindle → Documents → My Clippings.txt




  1. Click Upload

  2. Click refresh button in status box to keep checking status


  3. You can close the browser and extension after starting the sync as all the processing is happening remotely.