We're Hiring For... (as of Feb 3, 2023)

Sorry, we’re not actively hiring, but if you like the type of work we do and see yourself in one of these roles below, please contact us anyway!

Previous Roles

Engineering Lead

Software Engineer

Junior Software Engineer (U.S. Citizen)

Senior Software Consultant (U.S. Citizen)

Senior Front-end Engineer

Front-end Engineer (U.S. Citizen)

Product Manager (Job specification TBD)

UX Researcher (Job specification TBD)

About Kind

Kind Systems is a consultancy focused on CivicTech, LegalTech, and SaaS. We are a fully remote team of software engineers, product folks, and consultants who bring cross-functional skills to solve impactful governmental and societal problems in a pragmatic way.

Our engineers take the time to understand our clients' needs and the problems they are trying to solve. We thrive in being in the solution space with the client, not just building features. We also understand that how people and business processes are affected is often more important than the technology decisions we make.

We lean towards highly productive tech stacks so that we can focus on iterating to solve the problems of our clients and the people they serve. Today that stack includes Ruby, Rails + Hotwire, JavaScript/TypeScript, Spring Boot, Go, PostgreSQL, and ElasticSearch. We educate our clients on the characteristics of "great" software and how to keep their software "healthy".

Our team develops quality code by relying on good habits including building automated testing and deployment, writing documentation for ourselves and our clients, and keeping security of the entire application and data top of mind. We coach, cross-train, and encourage each other through pull requests, pair programming, and internal demos. We are deliberate in being a team and spend time during the workday to have fun together, teach other, and learn together.


All positions are 100% remote with a preference for candidates in the Eastern Time Zone.

Work Eligibility

You must be authorized to work in the United States to apply for positions at Kind Systems.

Some positions for client projects have specific requirements including U.S. Citizenship, Public Trust background checks, or security clearance depending on the client or government agency.