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Atom Mascot

Atom Mascot

At the time of this writing; Atom is a very young yet also the highest rated meditation app on play store. After my internship here; I got a chance to kickstart a design system under the mentorship and assistance from the team.

This piece of writing explains the basic hows and whys about the same.

Let's begin with the whys

Is it really necessary to spend time and efforts on creating a design system in a start up where things are constantly rapidly moving forward? Let's find out

The reasons for starting with a design system; Primary needs concerning it:

  1. Making brainstorming more convenient
  2. Creating the app for iOS
  3. Fixing assets export issues
  4. Flexibility and speed

These points in little more detail:

1. Convenient Brainstorming - Using selective assets to easily brainstorm quick features.

Imagine 5 people doing a design sprint about a particular problem and all of them end up creating different sizes of buttons and dialogues in the end where in the attention goes more to the deviated visual language(s) instead of the solution.