Gov 2.0 Kick Off Call.pdf

notes via @zoran. see deck for more


Sasa - Why would you say there is no incentive to good governance?

A: REP holders don’t get paid or have any benchmarks [John]

A: Also why only 40 of 500 REP holders vote [Sky]

Matt P - What are some examples of where REP and DXD have been in conflict?

A: There have not been any strong disagreements, but some of the misalignments have bubbled up in discussions on DXswap launch & bonding curve discussion

Yuri - as a large REP holder, I hold only some DXD, bc there is DXD in the treasury. And I don’t have an incentive to follow the forum and actively vote. I do because it’s interesting, but not incentivized to.

Augusto: REP & DXD holders are both engaged in DXdao, bc there is a significant overlap between DXD and REP holders. The goal here is to encourage engagement even if they are separate individuals

Eylon: Concern that the “REP equation” will include more financial consideration than reputation