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<aside> 🌈 The Khaenri'ah Lore Library is a massive database of Genshin Impact theories and lore. Our goal is to create an archive and reference of popular fan theories; we do not endorse each one.


<aside> 💞 Khaenri'ah (khaenriah.com) is a Genshin Impact Lore Project dedicated to curating, archiving, and exploring Genshin Impact's lore. Join us: khaenriah.com/discord



Using this Library There are two main tables: WORLD ****& CHARACTERS. Entries are tagged as: → ANALYSIS for translations, interpretations, influences, or → THEORY ****for speculation, connecting the dots

Contributing to the Library

We're always looking forward to receiving help on expanding the library! This is just one of many Khaenri'ah projects — and it's made possible by our lore community.

Use the #library channel on the Khaenri'ah Discord to share theories at khaenriah.com/discord.

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World 🌐

Covering world models, items, artifacts, histories, and overall thematic analysis of the game.

Characters 😯

Focused on character analysis, interpretations, relationships, and connections.

Official Content 🍳

References to official MiHoYo media and content that give lore crumbs, such as videos and comics.

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General Tags

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