Do you find yourself in hot waters while writing a college level term paper? Don’t worry there are many students who find writing a term paper a difficult task to do. Writing a term paper is not a piece of cake. You have to develop high quality writing skills to be able to ace your paper.

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Here is a guideline for you to write a high quality term paper for your assignment.

Key elements of college level term paper

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is one of the most important components of the term paper. A strong and impactful thesis statement can either make your term paper a fail or a success. It is mandatory to construct a well researched and strong thesis statement. A thesis statement contains major points of your essay. It depicts the main points discussed in the entire essay. The placement of the thesis statement also has a huge impact on readers. It is important for writers to place the thesis statement at the right place. Your thesis statement must be placed at the end of the introduction paragraph.


The introduction paragraph of a term paper should be engaging to keep the readers hooked in the essay. If the introduction is not strong, the essay will seem boring to readers. You have to ensure that your term paper includes relevant and impactful information. The first line of the introduction paragraph should hook the readers. It could be a historical fact, a statistical fact about the topic, a common misconception about the topic, an anecdote or a rhetorical question regarding the topic. Then you have to add the definition and the background information about the topic to educate your readers. Then, at the end, you have to add a thesis statement of your essay which should define main points of the essay.

Main arguments

Your term paper should contain arguments to support your thesis statement. You have to construct arguments that will keep the readers engaged in your essay. The arguments should be based on research.


Once you have developed your argument, now is the time to provide strong evidence to support your arguments. The evidence could be from journal articles, academic books or other academic documents. You can also get information from the internet to provide support to your arguments.

Body Paragraphs

There must be three body paragraphs in your term paper. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence. The topic sentence should be relevant and catchy. It should contain the idea being discussed in the paragraph. It is important to ensure that no irrelevant or redundant information is being added in the term paper. The body paragraphs should contain specific and relevant information regarding the topic. Each paragraph should discuss an argument along with properly cited evidence that is mentioned in the thesis statement.


The last but not the least important component is the conclusion. The conclusion of a paper should be impactful for the readers. You have to summerize your entire essay in a few lines. You have to restate your thesis statement and prove it with the final verdict in your conclusion. The conclusion paragraph also requires suggestions or recommendations of the writer. You should write your own view point at the end to conclude the term paper.

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