Welcome! I’m founder and CEO of Opal.

Opal is the #1 screen time app. Join 100,000+ people who save time, focus better, and develop healthier screen habits.

Loving mindful technology, product design, future cities, and art. My personal token is $KNTH and wallet is kschlenker.eth .

I work remotely with ties to the Alps, Paris, NYC, and LA.

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Mindfulness <> technology

As founder and CEO of Opal, I spend my days thinking about how we can enable more mindfulness in everyday life through technology. I see the devices we spend so much time with as a great opportunity to bring people closer to focus and happiness. If we design it right, technology can give us back control over our time and attention. I enjoy seeing people find balance in their lives between connection and disconnection.

Today, we spend more waking hours on screens than in real life. That time is unguarded and much of it gets stolen from us. When our time is stolen, we cannot be in control of our lives.

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