Keio University has a collection that reflects a variety of its learning and research activities, and exhibitions and workshops are held at various locations on campus. Each activity is very unique, and the characteristics of the research institutes, faculties, graduate schools, or K-12 schools that is in charge of the collection are greatly demonstrated there.

In the spring and early summer of 2021, three exhibitions will be held simultaneously at Mita Campus.

The "Keio Culture Pass" is a pass that allows you to enjoy all three unique exhibitions with a single reservation. Please take this opportunity to visit the exhibitions at Mita Campus.

Art Center (KUAC)

Artist Voice I: Tatsuo Kawaguchi Non-Respiring


4/19- 6/18→7/30

Seats: 5

Period Extended to 31 July!! If you want to make reserve the date after 21 June, please reserve your visit through the web page of Keio University Art Center. →here

Museum Commons (KeMCo)

Cross-scapes: Interconnecting Art



Seats: 10

Mita Media Center

*(Western)*Letter-scape: Historical Scripts and types from the Collection of Western Rare Books in Keio University Library



Seats: 5

<aside> 📅 The exhibition period and opening hours vary depending on the exhibition. Please note that even if you have a pass, you will not be able to visit the exhibition outside the exhibition period or hours. The estimated time required to visit all three museums is 90 minutes.


Booking and Fees

Please click here 🔗 to make a reservation. Admission: free

<aside> 📎 Please check in at the KUAC or KeMCo during your reserved time. If you are planning to visit more than one person, please make a reservation for each person.


Opening hours

Opening hours vary by facility.

KeMCo: 10:00-18:00, KUAC: 11:00-18:00, Mita Media Center: 9:00-18:20

<aside> 📌 Please note that the number of visitors may be limited when the venue is crowded.


<aside> 📎 Please note that KUAC will be closed on Saturday, May 29.