Kam Phillips-Sadler has leveraged her experience as a founder to invest in big dreams and brighter futures at Bessemer Venture Partners, Indicator Ventures, as an Associate at The Fund and a Fellow turned syndicate partner at Susa Ventures. Prior to VC, Kam founded Dream Outside the Box, an app-driven social franchise model connecting the college workforce with PK-5th grade students for career focused experiences. Over the last decade, DOTB has scaled to 16 chapters nationwide, launched a subscription box service, Dream Delivered, been featured on 50 million Lay’s chip bags and recognized as a Champion of Change by President Obama. A seasoned keynote speaker, Kam had the honor of serving as the University of Missouri Commencement Speaker in 2019 and her TED talk, “How Mentorship Can Change the World” has garnered global recognition. Kam is passionate about diversifying the start-up ecosystem and most recently served as co-Director of the Black New Venture Competition at Harvard Business School where she received her MBA.

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The Future of Solopreneur SaaS

Analysis of Rural Consumer Landscape

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Spidey Senses & Third Eyes, Oh My

I don't have the bug, but I do have demand

Sample experience: As outlined in the first thesis above, I've spent considerable time exploring vertical SaaS tools with a consumer feel or unexpected consumer angle. This is evidenced by the deal that I sourced for Bessemer, Cents, a business management tool for laundromats and dry-cleaners. I truly enjoy businesses that are addressing an otherwise overlooked or underserved market. There's nothing "sexy" about laundromats but after a considerable amount of time market sizing, it was evident that there was a real opportunity there. Further, I like businesses that provide individuals with the tools to change the trajectory of their future financially. There are many ways to close the inequality gap and I see vertical SaaS business-in-a-box tools as one way to support this. For laundromat and dry cleaning owners, most of which are independently running more than one store, the Cents model is a path to increased revenue and long-term viability and growth. Simply put: I like sharp technology for "regular people"


Any of the funds where I've worked would be happy to speak to you. I worked most closely with:

Further, I recently caught up with Kent Bennett at Bessemer who shared great news about the deal I sourced. He encouraged me to share his contact with anyone who was considering my candidacy as an investor and went further to say the following: