Recently I read a book The Psychology of Money which highlighted something important for me. It was something I (and I'm sure most everyone) knew but hadn't found a way to apply in my life.

Everything has a cost.

The book mostly spoke of this in the context of investing your money in the stock market and how volitility is the cost of being a day trader, etc.

However, this simple phrase on a particular day in May 2021 got me thinking about the other costs I'm paying in life.

What led from here was a deep introspection:

We're unconciously agreeing to costs by choosing what we do everyday.

Perhaps it was tie to recalibrate not only the costs I was willing to pay but also really think about what I could afford.

For Eg: Was I willing to tone down my late night meetings (at the expense of new customers) to spend more time with my wife? Or perhaps ramp up on my reading even if it meant taking 30min breaks in the middle of a workday?

These Qs took me into another tangent (again partially because of the same book)

Whether we know it or now, we're all playing a game.

Again, another well known/spoken of concept.