To add this feature you have to reach out to our sales team. Once this feature is enabled in your account then you can able to get the user's KYC data by using the below guide:-

Pass partnerCustomerId in the widget

You have to use the below query parameter in the widget so that you can identify your user. It is your unique customer ID that will be used to identify the customer that made the transaction once a webhook is called back to your app.



Production API base URL:

Staging API base URL:

Endpoint details:


**GET** **/partners/get-user-data?partnerCustomerId=YOUR_CUSTOMER_UNIQUE_ID**

In the header, you have to pass api-secret (Your API secret, you can get it from

Download KYC Doc

After getting the response, you can also download the KYC docs by doing GET API call with your api-secret in the header.


First you have to update the Webhook URL

Update your webhook URL

KYC Webhook Event ID: