What is $KNTH?

$KNTH is a 'personal token'. With $KNTH, you can purchase and own a share centered on me, Kenneth Schlenker, entrepreneur, founder of Opal and angel investor (My Story).

As we are entering the next wave of computing innovation (web3), $KNTH will power my experiments with the community over the next few years, rewarding holders along the way.

Why own $KNTH?

If you are excited about what I will build in the coming 50 years, owning $KNTH is a way of getting involved.

First, there is a fixed, Max Total Supply of 10,000,000 $KNTH, you can find a public ledger of all transactions and holders on the dedicated $KNTH Etherscan page.

Second, owning 1,000 $KNTH will give you access to experiments we will run together in phases:

Phase 1:⚕️Health <> Crypto (CURRENT USE)

In the future, my plan is to experiment with: