Running either KEEP nodes (Random Beacon or ECDSA) requires a level of diligence and responsibility, which means backing up your data is CRITICAL. Specifically the persistence folder. If you're running the ECDSA node, you're not just storing data, you're storing 1/3 of a multi-sig key used to sign BTC transactions. If your system is not up/available/responsive during a request for BTC (redemption of tBTC), you WILL BE AT RISK for liquidation and lose the ETH staked to that bond. The Redemption Proof (SVP proof confirming the BTC transaction) needs to be submitted within 6 hours of redemption request, the liquidation process can be triggered if not submitted in this time frame. All active keeps are stored in current, while all closed keeps are stored in archive. There are many ways to backup your data, none of it is particular to KEEP or tBTC, but this guide can be a starting point if you are unsure of where to begin.

While Rclone supports many different cloud providers (see their website here), we will be using BackBlaze B2 for their free 10GB storage, much more than you'll need to backup the persistence folder.

Tools used:

Backblaze Setup

If you already have a Backblaze account, you can begin with the next step, CREATE A BUCKET. Otherwise, follow these steps to sign up for a Backblaze B2 account: