A recap of the Aave ecosystem, June 28th to July 4th 2021

Aave News: Second Community Call and Aave Pro


This is Aave News, a selection of the finest stories and updates from the Aave ecosystem. This week the community call takes centre stage, so updates from AGD are bumped to the top.


Aave Grants DAO Update šŸ—

New brand. Our new brand by @Lauracsc_ was unveiled. The visual identity reflects its connection to Aave, with the main elements representing different aspects of the community. What do you think?


Second community call. The second ever AGD community call and what we believe was the first for a DeFi Dao to do on Twitter Spaces took place on July 1st. Over 200 Aavengers were listening in at the peak and the call was packed with šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„ updates. In case you missed the call or could not keep up, below are highlights from each speaker.

Also, Introducing 'šŸ‘» Ask' !

Make your voice heard. These are requests for the Aave community to provide feedback or opportunities to get involved. Each of the 'šŸ‘» Ask' made during the call were:

Updates on Aave Grants DAO by @HelloShreyas