A recap of the Aave ecosystem, July 5th to July 11th 2021

Aave News: More Grants, Passing of the keys, and Stani Spills

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Aave Grants DAO Update 🏗

More grants. Congratulations to the four newest projects who received grants from AGD. This increases the total distribution to almost $500k across eleven different teams, building on top of or contributing to the Aave ecosystem.

See a recap of each grant below or catch up on what @RafaelSolari from Tally and @Matthew_Graham_ from Llama said about their grants on the last community call.

SafeGuard | @voteWithTally | withtally.com

SafeGuard will let Aave DAO trust multisig committees without having to unilaterally give up control over spending decisions or execution power.

Treasury management | @llamacommunity_

LlamaDAO will work closely with Aave on treasury strategy and prepare:

Yield generating limit orders | @SymphonyFinance | symphony.finance

Symphony finance allows users to create limit orders by depositing the sell asset on Aave. This feature allows limit orders to earn yield for the time they are on the order book.

Specialized Aave accelerator track | @defialliance | defialliance.co

DeFi Alliance will make a specialized track in their Accelerator to foster development on top of Aave. They will provide useful support to two projects that have received grants from Aave Grants DAO and take them to the next level.

👻 Asks - Action Items. The last AGD community call was filled with requests for the Aave community to provide feedback and opportunities to get involved. As a reminder, the '👻 Asks' made were:

State of the protocol 📰

DeFi Llama check-in. At the time of this Aave News being published, Aave had $9.45 billion in TVL across DeFi protocols. Digging further into each chain, Aave has $7.59 billion in TVL on Ethereum (ranked third, behind Curve and Instadapp) and $1.86 billion in TVL on Polygon (good for first, ahead of Quickswap and Curve).