July 1, 2022 -100 Euros (means 100 Euros deposit made)

July 27, 2022

Yesterday I found GTOWizard and started experimenting with it. It seems the best GTO practice and analyzing software I have seen so far. It’s web application so it’s easy to use it too. The cost is around $60 a month which is quite expensive but something I seriously consider paying at least one or two months to get to see if I can improve. The practice I have done so far has showed me that I don’t play GTO poker and sometimes it even feels unintuitive in certain situations.

I’m planning to not anymore play poker on GGPoker but rather spend that time practicing to become really good at GTO.kk

July 24, 2022

July 24, 2022 7:45 PM (EEST) I bought PT4 (I had trial for 14 days and then I haven’t used it for 1-2 weeks). I have played the last ~3 days quite poorly on cash games and for example today as I was playing 4 tables, I notice that I was losing money in all of them after one hour of playing. Might not be enough time to tell but the three days worth of stats show that I do lose money and quite a lot. Sometimes I just paid in stupid situations where I pretty much knew the opponent having better hand. I remember one occasion where they actually were bluffing but in all other cases I lost.

I notice that again SB and BB were the most losing positions. When I’m playing, I don’t notice it but it seems like being out of position and maybe sometimes ending up stupid situations trying to protect blind, costs a lot of money.

I’m kind of feeling like I don’t know how I can improve my game. I’m probably going to buy jonathan little’s course for the next weekend so I could try to see if I get new ideas from there and then if even after it, I keep losing money, I’ll probably pay someone an hour to spend with me going through my hands and showing my weaknesses and showing what’s the best way to improve. The goal would be to get to good shape for Kings of Tallinn that’s played in early September. It would be really cool to get to play such a “big” event.

Anyways I’m going to try to play rest of the day so that I fold SB and BB pretty much unless I have nuts because I clearly lose more money by playing than just giving the blinds away.

July 24, 2022 7:59 PM (EEST) here are notes from analyzing my hands. I actually realize that I chose the date range incorrectly and got in too many hands. All the positions from the last 3 days were negative.

I just learned that all-in adjusted metric is better than the normal because it counts out luck even if it’s not the actual number. It makes sense and I try to follow it in the future.

Anyways I think one big difference between how I played the last 3 days is that I had 4 tables and/or I was doing something else the same time so I try to go back to 2 tables so I can get tells about the opponents and have feeling when I can steal and when others have more bluffs in their range.

July 23, 2022

Since June 11, 2022 I have played ~5,600 hands and in the end, I’m $0.45 profitable.

Screen Shot 2022-07-23 at 11.20.56 AM.png

Screen Shot 2022-07-23 at 11.21.26 AM.png

It’s great to see being profitable with this many hands and if the last three days were removed I would be much more profitable. I think I played pretty well but I just had many unlucky hands. BB per 100 hands played is nearly zero but it’s finally on the right side.