Designer of software, usually product experiences, and life-long fan of human behavior.






Since 2009 I helped design, build, and launch products in many shapes and sizes; from business telco to a mobile baby stroller with a built-in arcade machine.




Senior product designer @ early & late start ups

I spent 6 months at the early (and now, sadly, defunct) startup **Saiga** building a new kind of virtual assistant service for personal life admin after 3 years as senior product designer at the late-stage scale up GetYourGuide (in Berlin) and Trustpilot (in Copenhagen).


Game studio co-founder + UX/UI freelance designer

I co-founded the small & mighty game studio Glitchnap while pursuing my M.Sc. degree, and spent five years professionally designing and producing video games there after I graduated.

I also provided UX and UI services as a freelance designer to small and mid-sized companies. Additionally, I taught classes on UX design and prototyping at the IT University and the Royal Danish Design School in Copenhagen.


From Junior PM → UX designer in client services

I found my way into my career through a cracked-open door to a job as junior—and wholly unqualified—Product Manager in the small, but ambitious web agency VERK. Once I learned there were people called “UX Designers” I found another door to a job as Jr. UX Designer student employee in one of the Copenhagen’s premiere digital design agencies 1508.

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Information Architecture v2

Improving findability and usability of Trustpilot’s Business app for new and existing users